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Mystery Client Visits

Are you interested in finding out what your therapists and staff are doing behind closed doors?

What first impression are you sending out to your clients?

Is any current training being carried out to its full potential?


FLN spa consultancy can answers these questions and more with our unique mystery client service. Once your therapists have taken a client into your treatment rooms and closed the door, it is impossible for you to monitor your therapist performance and how they are representing your Brand.

Mystery shopping is an invaluable way of learning to see your salon or spa from your clients perspective, Allowing you to see the positive aspects of your business, and the areas of your service that may need some improvement.

This can be discussed when you meet face to face with our mystery client straight after they have visited your salon or spa. This unique service gives you as an owner a first hand account of every aspect of your service and the client journey. Are you creating an emotional connection with your clients? Do you therapists and staff have an extensive knowledge of your treatments and products? Are they advising your clients accordingly?

Find out the answers to these questions and start to set your salon or spa apart from the competition, retain your clients and increase your profits.

” Customer satisfaction is worthless. Customer loyalty is priceless” – ¬†Jeffrey Gitomer