Hello I’m Francesca Noretta and I help business owners create fabulous client experiences in the wellness, spa and beauty industry.

I started my business journey over 25 years ago having trained and qualified in 1991 as a beauty therapist at the Lillian Maund International School of Beauty Chester, Cheshire UK.

With a passion for massage therapy I decided to further my knowledge and expertise and 4 years later qualified as a sports and physical therapist at the prestigious L.C.S.P Lowestoft, UK. In 2001 I opened The Chester Physical Therapy Clinic. My combined experience over the years as a therapist and business owner, has instilled in me the belief that consistently good service, forming emotional connections with clients and going above and beyond their expectations, has undoubtedly been the key to my business success.

My reputation and the service I provide is based upon-

  • Excellent people skills
  • Professionalism
  • A Genuine Care for my clients wellbeing
  • Attention to detail
  • Never becoming complacent
  • Always looking to improve

I was inspired to move into consultancy and develop training programmes to raise standards of service in the spa and beauty industry after my own disappointing experience as a spa client.

I found that although I was in a beautifully designed spa in luxurious surroundings, the lack of service and attention to detail made the whole experience disappointing. So many missed opportunities at every stage of my journey were lacking, meaning I left with no desire to return or refer to others. My training programmes ensure clients only have a positive experience built around forming emotional connections making them want to buy from you, return to you and refer you to others.

” Always do more than is required of you”- George S. Patton