Training Seminars and Workshops

Learn how amazing service will improve your retail sales and client retention.

Creating Fabulous Client Experiences

What your managers will learn

  • What it takes to create a good first impression
  • Valuable skills needed to form an emotional connection with clients
  • The importance of your therapists professional image and conduct
  • How to carry out a successful consultation that connects with clients
  • What it takes to go above and beyond your clients expectations
  • Giving well thought out aftercare advice
  • Tips on how to recommend future retail and services in a confident and genuine way
  • How to end the treatment on a high and form a positive lasting impression with clients
  • Understanding why good customer service is the key to future success and the skills required to achieve and maintain this

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Understanding what it takes to create fantastic client experiences will take your managers and therapist to a higher level of training and development which will set your salon and spa apart from the competition, retain your clients and increase your profits. Retail sales play such a key role in this process, having a genuine interest in your clients wellbeing has to be authentic and carried out at each stage of your clients journey to achieve success.

In order to promote a culture of continuous development and improvement, here are just a few examples of some of the key areas of your service our seminars cover:

  • First Impressions- What initial impression are you sending out to your clients?
  • Therapists Appearance and Professional Conduct- Are you confident that your staff are representing what you are selling at all times?
  • Consultations- Is this an area in your business that gets rushed or ignored?
  • Treatment Rooms- Are you getting complacent with your standards of hygiene and cleanliness?
  • Client Care and Attention to Detail- Do you make your clients feel so special that they never want to leave?
  • Aftercare and Future Advice- Are your therapist educating your clients on your fantastic treatments and products?

Follow up support and mystery client service available to monitor current training is being used to its full potential ensuring your business is continuing to grow and develop.

” Customer service is the new marketing ” – Derek Sivers