Mystery Client Visits

When treatment doors close be reassured your therapists continue to deliver the highest levels of customer service and care.

Find out what first impression your salon or spa is sending out to your clients?

How well are your therapists performing their treatments?

Are they recommending your products and services?

It’s your therapists and staff who have the most impact on your clients health, happiness and wellbeing, and in turn the future success of your business. It’s very difficult to see our own businesses objectively as clients do, and because our therapists and staff behave differently when we are present, the best way to assess your clients’ experience and evaluate what might be improved, is to have the help of a trusted outsider. My mystery shopping visits provide you with this objective assessment, to reassure you that every aspect of your service is exceeding expectations, or to identify any areas for improvement.

” Customer satisfaction is worthless. Customer loyalty is priceless” –  Jeffrey Gitomer